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I’m so sorry it has been so long since I updated my blog. My first week as a full-time worker just finished and I’m so relieved! But anyways, my life at work isn’t really important here so let’s start with my real topic of the day – “thin models issue”.








Models being thin has been a problem these past 10-20 years, and many brands and the government have been coping with this problem. But the reason why I thought I’d write a blog about this issue was because I read an article saying that Gucci’s 2016 Cruise Collection’s campaign ads were banned in the UK for featuring unhealthily skinny model. It is for a fact that especially in the Western countries, there is a culture of women trying to tie their waist with a corset to make it look super duper thin and that was considered to be beautiful. Until this day, media depict beauty in a stereotypical way, expressing that beauty is in thinness. Which I think is very wrong, but I guess we all think so in some ways and it’s not something we can battle because it’s about our unconscious influence by the media and we can’t resist to be influenced by them unless we be really really REALLY careful.







For example, Ralph Lauren’s ad was once banned in the states because this model looked too skinny and it had a potential risk to promote wrong and unhealthy beauty standards to children and young girls. ( The interesting this is that they still used this photo in Japan after they admitted that they photoshopped this model to make her look super skinny)









There is still hope in us. We do have an awareness that the way we think beauty is is wrong, so in 2006 Madrid banned models with BMI under 18 from the runway. So there is this kind of a movement that express we have to change the way we think about beauty…. HOWEVER. This is the photo of GUCCI 2016 Cruise Collection.







In this ad, the model’s waist looked too skinny and the eye makeup that looks like a dark circle made her look like an almost dead skinny person…… and was considered to be a bad influence so got banned in the UK.











Ralph Lauren, Gucci, any other big brands have so much power to influence people. That is why I feel terrified that when these brands truly believe in the wrongful definition of beauty that the media has been creating, they can really penetrate this definition of beauty to the young generation through campaigns and advertisements.

To be honest, I’m super skinny. I don’t even have BMI 18, so that means even if i were a model I wouldn’t be able to walk down the runway. But in my defense, I eat so much but I just never gain weight… so I never tried to look like this on purpose. Plus, I’m not trying to say that being skinny is wrong and ugly. I just truly believe that we have to change the definition of beauty and stop the media from promoting this one-sided narrowly defined beauty. That’s why I love the Kardashians! They accept their body and embrace the way they look. I don’t think they’re skinny at all, but so what? They’re so beautiful and proud of themselves. Their attitude is what every girl should have!












When I talk about the diversity of beauty, some people say stuff like “But there needs to be a definition of beauty in fashion/beauty industry”, or like ” yeah I think that’s true, but still if we’re talking about business, models need to be skinny to sell clothes”, or something like “Skinny is art. Art is beaufiful. End of discussion.”………………… Ok firstly, those people who say things like this are deeply influenced by the media and that’s very lame and sad. Secondly, the fact that models have to be skinny to ell clothes is already WRONG and i’m saying that we need to change that logic! So saying that skinny models are the only ones who can sell clothes is just dumb and old. Lastly, skinny is art, art is beautiful……… I got nothin to say to you bye.









I just hope that models that have curves like Gigi Hadid and starts like the Kardashians will influence young generation in a good way, in order to create diversity in the definition of beauty. I’ll try my best to influence you guys through my blog so stay tuned!




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