NYLONブロガー エスター キム(esther kim)
esther kim
エスター キム

ロサンゼルス生まれ、10代を日本で過ごす。トレンドを意識したガーリーなイラストは、NYLON JAPAN、ANNASUI、伊勢丹、Urban Outfittersなど幅広いシーンで見ることができる。


photo by Tommy Seo


these days…. 投稿日 2012年6月25日

Hello everyone,

These days….in Los Angeles, the weather is so nice and the seasons are not so clearly delineated like in Tokyo, sometimes I can’t really tell how fast the time is going. But it is going, surely and not so slowly but I’m determined that it shall pass in some deliberated form.  Meaning that I want to make sure I grow in some way creatively, psychologically, internally, emotionally, physically, intellectually….Each day is a gift and a chance: enjoy the little things, cherish what you have and never give up no matter what you are facing.




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