NYLONブロガー エスター キム(esther kim)
esther kim
エスター キム

ロサンゼルス生まれ、10代を日本で過ごす。トレンドを意識したガーリーなイラストは、NYLON JAPAN、ANNASUI、伊勢丹、Urban Outfittersなど幅広いシーンで見ることができる。


photo by Tommy Seo


Neon Angel! 投稿日 2012年6月11日

Hello everyone,

Sunny summer days are upon us.  I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am. Even if you are busy or stressed or especially if you are make sure to take a moment and enjoy this wonderful season and try to go to the beach at least once.  I only went once last year…ahhahahh, so I’m gonna try to go twice this year! haha.

So a couple weeks ago I had a chance to have lunch with stylist, fashion designer, super PR girl, Leah. She is so sweet! Among all the other cool stuff Leah does she also has a great blog that she does with her friend called, NEON ANGELS. I get a lot of inspiration from all their super in-depth informative posts(these girls really know their stuff).  As you can see below the girl has such cute style, I wish she had outfits posts on her blog but she’s actually pretty shy about that, which is really adorable. (I have to thank her for letting me take pictures of her for this blog). Thanks, Leah!

Okay, than, Nylonistas~

Have a beautiful day.

All my best,




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